Jacky Winter Gives You The Business

Jacky Winter Gives You The Business is a weekly podcast hosted by The Jacky Winter Group — a creative production and artist representation studio based in both Melbourne, Australia and New York City — their roles put them right in the centre of the action, in between client and creative, so they get to see all sides of the process. But they want to see more. Joined by special guests from all corners of the industry landscape, they deep dive into the ideas, issues and insights driving the many moving parts of today's creative ecosystem.

Shifting format every three months, Season 9 returns to our extended Open Tabs format while we prepare a pretty deep-dive into the business of illustration for Season 10.

Over the course of twelve weeks, hosts Jeremy Wortsman and Lara Chan-Baker come together and go through their own open browser tabs.

Using the internet as their lens, they hope to explore a variety of current events, opinions, and tools to provide thought-provoking conversation for anyone whose job it is to bring creative things to life, but mostly it’s a chance for us them talk a whole lot of bullshit.

It’s an ongoing exploration of what the hell we’re all doing and why and how we’re doing it.