Jacky Winter Gives You The Business
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Jacky Winter Gives You The Business is a weekly podcast with two very important goals:

1) To dissect the challenges, processes, and happenings of the creative industries by engaging with a diverse network of A-grade creatives, using our unique position as the bridge between clients and creatives as our lens.

2) To get sponsored by Squarespace.

As Producers at Jacky Winter — a creative production and artist representation studio based in both Melbourne, Australia and New York City — hosts Jeremy Wortsman, Lara Chan-Baker and (sometimes) Bianca Bramham bring with them a unique global perspective as the connective tissue between clients and creatives, facilitating the realisation of commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. Joined by special guests from all corners of the industry landscape, they deep dive into the ideas, issues and insights driving the many moving parts of the creative ecosystem. Every week, they each bring a link they’ve come across in their internet travels, and use that as the jumping off point to debate what’s shaping the current climate of ideas and making those ideas happen.

It's an ongoing exploration of what the hell we’re all doing and why and how we’re doing it.

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    058 - INFOGRAPHICS ARE RULING (with Beci Orpin)

    This week! We’re joined by special guest and Jacky Winter Artist Beci Orpin to go through our open tabs. We discuss the current state of the illustration industry, why desk jobs can be exhausting, and the inherent privilege of creative work.

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    057 - A secret society of mass vigilantes

    This week! We’re taking our monthly visit to New York where we are joined by North American managing agent and producer Bianca Bramham. We'll be going through our open tabs and discussing Board Games, The end of Advertising, and Virtual Product Placement.

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    056 - Dat Earned Media (with Emily Naismith)

    This week! We’re going through our open tabs with podcast royalty Emily Naismith and will be discussing the perils of government funded arts organisations, what happens when clients sue their ad agencies, and the structure of trust!

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    055 - Massive and Scary (with Elliott Burford)

    This week! We’re going through our open tabs with special guest Elliott Burford and will be discussing Podcasting Apps, Inspiration Overload, and Personal Brands.

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    054 - Superfriends!

    This week! We're joined by Bianca in our New York office to go through our open tabs. We discuss collecting conceptual art, the emergence of visual contracts, and best practices for presenting (and receiving!) portfolios!

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    051 - Library Rules

    This week! We’re rejoined by Bianca Bramham from our NY studio and go through our open tabs. We discuss the Basecamp’s library rules in open office spaces, what 50 dollars gets you in a motion design commission, and the future of podcasting!

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