Jacky Winter Gives You The Business
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Jacky Winter Gives You The Business is a weekly podcast about creative project management and production, and just making things happen in general.

The Jacky Winter Group is a creative production and representation studio based in Melbourne, Australia and New York City. What that means is that we represent creatives and connect them with clients who might be seeking their expertise, helping all sides to navigate the pleasures and perils of the applied arts.

What originally started as a business conference for artists and fellow creatives, is now being turned around to shine a light on our clients. From art buyers and creative teams, to fellow producers and managers, this podcast is all about offering a glimpse into the work we all do as the bridge between clients and creatives. It's an ongoing exploration of how to wrangle the creative process to achieve excellence, no matter what the medium.

Hosted by JW staffers Jeremy Wortsman, Bianca Bramham, and Lara Chan-Baker, JWGYTB will feature weekly discussions of ideas, issues, and insights into the people and processes behind the scenes that make creative projects of all shapes and sizes come to life, with perspectives from both our Melbourne and New York City studios.

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    025 - The Animation Episode!

    Today we get animated to talk about...well, animation! For Jacky Winter it’s been one of the fastest growing sectors of our business, and represents a whole new scale of challenges for our producers and artists. We’ll cover everything from what makes a good animation brief, a top-level review of our process with the creative director of our Flutter branch, Dom Bartolo, as well as some things to look out for, specific to the medium.

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    024 - Brendan Campbell, Line Producer

    Today we’re getting into show business! Continuing our interview series, we chat with the illustrious Brendan Campbell about his 30 years in film and TV and the lessons he’s learnt from managing productions of that scale.

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    023 - Jacky Winter's Book Club!

    Today we pull our colleagues away from their urgent emails to recap their insights from our recent Jacky Winter Book Club, where each of us read a different work-related book with the aim of finding some golden nuggets of wisdom we could share with each other and with you!

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    022 - Natassja Soderbom, Lloyd & Co.

    Today we continue our interview series (as well as fix up our audio issues) and welcome to the podcast Natassja Soderbom - Senior Account Manager at Lloyd & Co in New York, via way of Melbourne.

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    021 - Sarah Ewing, SEA Photography Agency

    This week we go back to our interview series and welcome Sarah Ewing from Sarah Ewing Agency to discuss why anyone in their right mind would be a photography agent and producer.

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    020 - New kid on the blockchain

    This week we’re taking a break from our interview series to get back to our nerdier tech roots and take a deep dive into the world of the Blockchain, and specifically how it is currently shaping the creative landscape, as well as clues as to where it might lead for artists and producers alike.

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    019 - Jo-Anne Hook, Creative Coach and Business Mentor

    Today we continue our interview series and welcome to the studio Jo-Anne Hook. Jo-Anne is a consultant and coach to the creative industries, and someone who has been instrumental for growing our own practices as producers and agents.

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    018 - Nirmala Shome, This Also

    To open our interview series, we chat with producer and project manager Nirmala Shome from the New York-based digital product design studio, This Also. We discuss her journey from digital account management to product management, her various self-initiated side projects, as well as advice for fellow PMs.

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    017 - Meet the family

    From this week, we're starting to change things up a bit and have a whole bunch of interviews coming your way with creative producers and project/product managers across the globe. To kick things off in that spirit, we're going to introduce you to the rest of the Jacky Winter production team to talk about their own journeys into the wild and wonderful world of creative artist and project management, including their key takeaways and lessons learned so far.

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    016 - Mega Link Roundup! (and announcing our new event series, Open Tabs)

    To launch our new event series, Open Tabs, we decided to devote an entire episode to discussing some of the links making the rounds in our #professionaldevelopment Slack channel. We'll look at everything from the concept of 'Blagging' to how to work with... less than ideal people.

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